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The window of his shop is too colorful, he is summoned by the police

For Charles Blique, it is misunderstanding. The eponymous manager of the real estate agency located in Nancy fell from the clouds, says , at the beginning of the year when a customer entered his branch (without him being present) and asked his employees to remove all the adhesive posters present on the windows. In the viewfinder of the plaintiff, the facade of the shop and the colors, which obviously do not please. The firm Blique, which has a storefront, is indeed very recent. New sign, mix of grey, black and pink colors, and above all adhesive posters on the windows.

The old iron curtain that was present before has also disappeared. The boss explains that “everything was done according to the rules”, and that his adhesives are “changed every year”. Out of him, he therefore decided to send a letter to the mayor of the city to ask him the reasons for these complaints. “If you need to recover the premises and I leave the town, it is easier to tell me frankly”, he says in his letter which ultimately remained a dead letter. But a few weeks ago, stupor: he learns that he is summoned to the police station.

UDAP complaint

On the summons received on April 5 but dated March 25 for a summons on March 29… he is asked to go to the police station with his KBis extract, a request for a sign and the invoices for the work, details . What provoke the ire of the boss: “It is already difficult to work in Nancy, the customers no longer want to come. It’s the bouquet!” He is already planning to close shop and lay off some employees to focus on an agency in a neighboring town. In this case, it is the Departmental Unit of Heritage Architecture (UDAP) of Meurthe-et-Moselle which filed a complaint for “violation of the town planning code”. The organization believes that the boss “did the work without authorization” and that the brand does not respect the city’s charter.

Quite surprising, tell our colleagues, given the others in the same street, sometimes more than aging. Invited to react, Charles Blique lost his temper and said he had never been fined and never had an appointment with UDAP. “I did the work, I didn’t see why it would get stuck. The payphone present before was worse and of the same size.” According to , another shop had already been singled out in the past for a facade deemed too green. It did not sufficiently respect the plan which must “value the heritage resulting from the history of Nancy”, according to the municipality.


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