Home Tech The WIM Group invests in the latest photo technology

The WIM Group invests in the latest photo technology

The WIM Group invests in the latest photo technology

Webimpacto and Photography eCommerce, both divisions of the WIM Group Company, want to revolutionize the audiovisual content of e-commerce in this new season and for this they have equipped themselves with the best photography technology on the market: Profoto StyleShoots Eclipse, Vertical and Horizontal.

With the innovative Profoto StyleShoots devices, WIM Group raises the standard of photography and video for e-commerce, ensuring brands receive the best images on the market. The advantages that the group offers with this innovative photo technology are:

– Unrivaled production: They manage to optimize delivery times by up to 50%, guaranteeing quality and speed of service

– Personalized shoots: They offer more quality in less time and adapt to the specific needs of each client

– Visual consistency: They guarantee complete visual coherence, without discrepancies between images from different sessions.

– Omnichannel versatility: They offer audiovisual content adapted to all channels: photos, videos and 360°.

– Live participation: You offer the customer the opportunity to join the streaming session to actively participate and provide live feedback.

In addition, they are one of the few exclusive studios in Spain that offer this advanced photography equipment.

Get to know you!
Profoto StyleShoots Eclipse
Photos and videos of shoes, cosmetics, food, jewelry and more.
Eclipse is an all-rounder for taking high-quality photos and videos of small objects.

Profoto StyleShoots Vertical
High quality fashion photography.
Vertical is a special machine for photographing bottomless mannequins and hanging airplanes, particularly suitable for fashion e-commerce.

Profoto StyleShoots horizontal
Faster flat photography than ever before.
Horizontal is an all-in-one flat photography and packaging device, ideal for e-commerce catalogs, medium-sized items and home accessories.


Get high-quality images and videos in record time to revolutionize your e-commerce. With this investment, WIM Group strives for visual excellence in its customers’ brand image. Every detail is important to be able to communicate and convey the essence of the brands in every image and revolutionize the way e-commerce stores present their products with images, videos and the use of AI. WIM Group, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions, acquired eCommerce Photography, a company specializing in photography services for e-commerce, in early 2023.

Currently, Webimpacto, the group’s alma mater, and eCommerce Photography work together to offer their customers cutting-edge digital solutions and to be at the forefront of the development of advanced technologies. With this operation, WIM Group has managed to strengthen its presence in the market and complete its digital offer, offering its customers comprehensive solutions to become the leading company in photo, retouching, video and AI services for to become e-commerce.

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