The whirlpool of sensations in which Aventura surrounds you

Everything is ready for the presentation of the concert “Inmortales” that the Aventura group will present this weekend.

This is what Saymond Díaz said this Thursday morning, on the big stage located in the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium, in this city, and that contrary to other occasions, he has everything prepared two days before the show takes place.

“We are proud that the first big event is with the Aventura group,” said the artistic entrepreneur, who emphasized that only those who have two vaccines against Covid-19 will be able to enter the stadium this Saturday 18 and Sunday 19.

These statements and others were offered by Díaz in a meeting with members of the media, to whom he showed closely the details of the scenario and the process of assembling the only presentations that Aventura will make outside the United States.

The fact of remembering and that they are good moments, is something unique. And what better than good music is the transport to those memories. Aventura has the gift with her interpretations of leading the listener to connect with the moment, the reason and the feeling of the memory itself. And the biggest connection is in the melodious voice and the hypnosis that listening to Romeo causes.

The Aventura group is included among those good memories, since with the passage of time it continues to be valid in every heart of both the Dominican people and in every corner of the world. The fans who followed them from the first second and even the most recent ones enjoy the great repertoire and still comment on the great trajectory of the quartet that, although it has Dominican roots, was founded in The Bronx, New York. Adventure; originally composed of Anthony “Romeo”, Lenny, Max and Henry; had his official debut in 1999. He is known mostly for his performances in the bachata genre, but he has also worked with different fused mixes, such as hip hop.

Its beginnings go back long before their debut, around 1995, as the group used to be called ‘Los Tinellers’, referring to the word ‘Teenagers’ which means teenagers. Their first jobs were in New York which was where they resided.

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Over time, new things came to the group and within these the name change to Aventura was included. By then the group had already released two albums, Trampa de amor (1995) under the name they had previously and Generation next (2000) as Aventura.

It was not until the release of their second official album that they began to be recognized by viewers. ‘We broke the rules’ was released in 2002, it contains nine songs and a remix. From this studio album we can remember great successes such as ‘Amor de madre’, ‘Enséname a forget’ and ‘Obsesión’, the latter being one of the most loved by the crowd, and 19 years after its publication it remains heard in many homes and business.

Obsesión is a song that was composed by Romeo Santos, with the artistic collaboration of the singer Judy Santos in the chorus of the song, which is one of the most emblematic parts of it.

Anthony Santos, artistically known as “Romeo”, was the main vocalist and composer of the musical group, and after its disintegration he chose to continue his solo career, a decision that resulted in a boom in the music industry and varieties of songs that they do not stop sounding in the streets like ‘Eres mía’, ‘Centavito’ and ‘Imitadora’.


After their separation as a group in 2010, Aventura has had more than one reunion and due to the great fame that remains thanks to its loyal fans, it continues to win awards as a group, highlighting and honoring the hard work done years ago.

Among his most recognized songs are ‘Dile al amor’, ‘Mi corazoncito’, ‘Un beso’ among others, without forgetting some of his outstanding collaborations with artists such as Thalía, Don Omar, Usher, Mario Domm and Tego Calderón.


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