The way of doing business is changing, public offering values ​​grow 21%

Ernesto Bournigal Read, Superintendent of the Stock Market, indicated that the way of doing business is changing in the country and that is seen in the growth of the market by 21% of the total public offering values, from 2021 to 2022.

He assures that there is currently greater transparency, a higher level of professionalism in the Boards of Directors. However, he reported that due to lack of knowledge in the last twelve months, only 23% to 26% of brokerage accounts “have movement”, despite all the attractions of returns in the market.

This is a metric that the current management is committed to increasing, said the Superintendent of the Stock Market during his participation in the Listín Diario Breakfast, which he attended in the company of several officials of the institution.

In attendance were Emmanuel Cedeño Brea, Mili Núñez, Claudio Guzmán, Olga Nivar and the director of the Communications Department, Valentín Sánchez.

SIMV data indicates that at the end of December 2022 there were a total of 124,653 accounts registered with CEVALDOM, (administrator of a Securities Clearing and Settlement System), showing a growth of 12% compared to the end of December 2021.

While approximately 23% have securities in custody (28,169 accounts).

Increasing the number of accounts with deposited securities is a priority of the current administration, Bournigal Read reiterated.

The official stressed that the role of SIMV is to protect investors through transparency, reporting (information) and supervision.

Pro Flints

The project for the development of tourism in the Pedernales province, which will be managed by the Reservas investment fund, was approved by the Superintendence of the Stock Market (SIMV.

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The Superintendent of the Stock Market, Ernesto Bournigal Read, explained that a public trust is one thing and a public offering trust is another. He said the SIMV focuses on public offering trusts, which issue securities that can be offered on the general market.

In 2022, eight publicly offered trusts were operating in the stock market, managed by four trust companies registered with the SIMV, whose trust securities issuance programs total RD$94,312 million.

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