The Warriors get Doncic out of the way and return to the Finals

In line with what the tie has been, in which the bright moments have been distributed in a very uneven way and in favor of the Warriors, it was the last game of these Western Conference finals. The third and fourth classified offered a show but not as much as in the previous series; in the case of premises, by equality; in the case of visitors, per game. Again without Otto Porter, but with the conviction that they had to close it this Thursday to avoid greater evils, Golden State travels back into the title fight against the winner of the other side of the draw. That wonder from 2015 to 2019, the one with the three titles and the game change forever, is among us again with a renewed image but with the name intact. Kidd’s men were able to lift a game from them, the previous one, but in the fifth they were once again in a lower position and couldn’t get past that.

The Californians took the last point of the series that they needed, the fourth, to close it in 4-1. They got it by signing a 120-110 lighting up his shield as the first of two contenders for the Larry O’Brien Trophy starting in June. A killing streak in the second quarter opened a gap that neither a Christian revival from Doncic in the third nor a flowery game from Dinwiddie closed until the final buzzer sounded.

Again Wiggins (18) recounted, crushing in defense although he was not successful in the outside shots. For those tasks there were already others. Thompson (32), for example, was the one who best personified it. But the streaks of the Warriors in that magical second period, with Poole (16) and making Moody’s success stretch Curry’s rest, were worth collectively. As almost always.

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The defense was closed in the first part on a Doncic (28) missing, knocked out and exhausted. The Slovenian broke into the second half with a couple of three-pointers in a row that encouraged him and served to close with a bit of gallantry. Dinwiddie (26) was the best of the bunch. Fat leaks reappeared, as Looney (10) roamed wide of him. But there is no turning back.

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