The Wagners will continue in Bakhmut in the face of threats from Moscow

Moscow (BLAZETRENDS) Of course, I would consider it a “betrayal of the homeland.”

This has been assured by Prigozhin, in a video on his Telegram channel: “We will not leave Artiomovsk (the Russian name for Bakhmut), we will insist a few more days, we will fight.”

However, the person in charge of the Wagners has denounced that, despite the fact that on Sunday he received a promise from Moscow that they would receive all the weapons and ammunition necessary to continue fighting in Bakhmut, in the end only “10% of what we ask for” will arrive. ”.

“They simply blatantly deceived us,” lamented Prigozhin, who threatened last Friday to withdraw his Bakhmut units due to a shortage of ammunition and the “senseless” death of his men in this Ukrainian city.


The mercenary has revealed that Moscow has sent them a combat order in which it is stated “clearly” that the abandonment of the positions will be interpreted as “treason to the homeland”.

He has also commented that, in the midst of these threats from Moscow, “one of the units of the Ministry of Defense has fled today from one of the flanks” in Bakhmut, protected by the Airborne Forces and has wondered “who is the real traitor” .

According to Prigozhin, the Ukrainian forces are “tearing the flanks” in the direction of Bakhmut, where there are still 2.36 square kilometers to be taken, and are regrouping in the neighboring region of Zaporizhia, with a view to the expected counteroffensive.

The businessman once again lashed out at the Russian military leadership in his already old confrontation with the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Valeri Guerasimov, stating that a “soldier should not die for stupidity absolute of his leadership”.

In his opinion, the orders received by commanders on the ground are “simply absolutely criminal.”

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