The Vilhena Nomad

The Vilhena Nomad

Everything that surrounds Tony Vilhena gives off a kafkaesque halo. He too last episode What did you report last week? ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’. The Dutch player, who has accumulated 14 appearances, 11 starts, one assist and one goal with Salernitana, could return to Spanish in the winter market because the Italian club is studying to return it. All this occurs just four months after his arrival, Also as one of the star signings of the team from Serie A.

Shield/Team Flag

Not being a player secondary the left-handed, who when he arrived put on the number ten. The footballer was a starter in the first seven games, in which he played every minute. On matchday eight, after lose 1-2 with Lecce, it was replaced in 58, minute in which Vicente Moreno always changed it at Espanyol. His team lost 5-0 to Sassuolo, and there was a turning point in his participation.

From that meeting, the Dutch player began to play less minutes, even came to be alternate for coach Davide Nicola. Despite this, he is the fifth footballer with the most minutes played. La Salernitana, after a bad start, has straightened the course and is now far from relegation in twelfth position for Calcio, and wants to make a little revolution this January. One of the players in which Nicola has set his eyes on another expert, Adrián Bernabé, who plays in Serie B for Parma.

Tony Vilhena.


Tony Vilhena.AIOL

Three operations in less than a year

The dutch footballer has spent several years with a nomad race after his departure to Russian Krasnodar after his brilliant emergence at Feyenoord, when he became international. In the 2019 campaign he went to Russia where he began to spin. First, in the field, since Vilena He went from being a playmaker, inside and winger to playing on the wing. It lasted a year and a half until he left, also with extra-sporting problems, on loan to Espanyol with a purchase option. Also in the parakeet team he went from more to less.

The Spanish opted for execute the purchase option (by a lesser amount than agreed due to the war in Ukraine) but he did not train with the group. He did it on the sidelines with the discarded for 28 days until his loan to Salernitana was signed for a campaign with a non-mandatory purchase option at the end of the course. The Italian club paid 300,000 euros to Espanyol and took over the tab.


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