The video of Khalistan supporter Amrit Pal Singh’s escape has surfaced

In the Indian state of Punjab, the police have so far failed to arrest Khalistan Tehreek supporter and head of Waras Punjab De, Amrit Pal Singh.

According to media reports, the Punjab government is trying to arrest Amrit Pal Singh from both the previous 4 but he managed to evade thousands of policemen.

Now the CCTV footage of 30-year-old Amrit Pal Singh’s escape in disguise has surfaced, in which he is accompanied by a motorcycle Swaro.

The Punjab Police, while releasing the footage, shared the possible disguise of the head of ‘Waras Punjab De’ on social media.

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Earlier in a footage, he was seen at a toll booth in Jalandhar at around 11:27 am on Saturday morning. He was sitting on the front seat of the car with someone.

He was seen in a Mercedes before the tollbooth footage, but changed cars a few hours later. Not only this, he changed his religious dress to a shirt and pant while taking off his blue turban and wearing a pink one.

The arrest of Amrit Pal Singh seems to be a challenge for the Punjab Police. There are reports that they have even managed to escape from the country.

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