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The victories of Germany and Texas compared by Márquez

Was as exhausted as happy Marc Márquez at the end of Austin’s MotoGP race, his seventh victory at this track, the second of the season. AS accompanied him on his way from the press room to the Repsol Honda box, where they were waiting for him to celebrate in style a new success and on the way it made a parallel between the victories of this year of Germany and Texas. They are the first two after spending a full season in the dry dock due to the July 19, 2020 fracture in the humerus of the right arm.

We asked him which was more important of the two and sheriff Austin said this: “Phew, I don’t know what to say. Both are important and more so in such a difficult season, but perhaps that of Germany was more of a surprise and it has been more sought after. Here came more with the intention of fighting for victory and it has been achieved. When you work for something and you get itIt gives you an extra motivation, and more of the season we come from. “

Regarding the beating that he put the entire grill, with four and a half seconds left on the second, Fabio Quartararo, assures that “I was not expecting such a difference at all, but the planned and perfect race has come out. I was scheduled to lead from the first corner, manage those first laps with a full tank and then push. It went well and now to continue. This goes on and it is clear that this victory will give us energy. Misano will come again, we will spend it again as we can. Hopefully on a good note, but the intention iss do Portimao and Valencia in the best way, to end the year well and take a little step in the winter “.

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