Home Entertainment The Venezuelan city of Valencia hosts a pictorial exhibition by José Coronel

The Venezuelan city of Valencia hosts a pictorial exhibition by José Coronel

The Venezuelan city of Valencia hosts a pictorial exhibition by José Coronel

Venezuelan painter José Coronelone of the most international in Latin America, has inaugurated this Sunday in Valencia, Carabobo state (north), the pictorial exhibition “The stream of memory“, a collection of 24 abstract works ranging from bright colorful to dark inspired by the Dutchman Rembrandt.

But as the Colonel himself -who came into contact with art more than three decades ago- explained to EFE, His extensive work is inspired by various authorsalthough it is recognized especially marked by the Venetian Giovanni Piranesi, whose influence remains to this day.

In his recently inaugurated exhibition, exhibited at the Hesperia WTC Valencia hotel, a permanent point of reference for artists of various genres, hundreds of shapes and objects are perceived that the author chooses not to describe, but prefers that it be the eye of his public that search and see what your imagination and mood decides, and thus connect with your emotions.

The diverse art of Coronel, born in the city of Maracay, Aragua state (central-north), He has traveled half the world, both as a member of collective and individual showswhich have led him to participate in salons and biennials in countries such as the United States, Colombia, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina or Peru, as well as in his native Venezuela.

His work also crossed the ocean to end up in Portugal, Italy or Spainas part of his tour of Europe, although, not satisfied with that, his paintings also traveled to China, where he convinced an audience as demanding as the Asian one.

During the inauguration, in which numerous personalities from the world of Venezuelan culture were present, the public did not hide their surprise at the works that make up “The channel of memory”, which left no one indifferent.

“Exceptional” or “magnificent” are some of the most repeated qualifiers during the event, which took nearly a year to wait, when the organizers contacted the renowned author to have his art in a large-scale exhibition in Valencia, where you can visit until next September 10.

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