The US military can soon predict the future with its new AI

The Pentagon has developed an artificial intelligence capable of predicting events several days in advance. To do this, it collects and analyzes a large amount of data stored in the cloud. The technology could be used by the military as early as next year.

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During a press conference, the Pentagon revealed that it is working on revolutionary artificial intelligence. Called “Global Information Domain Experiments” or GIDE, was created in 2020 for a very specific purpose: predict the future. There is no question here to look at a crystal ball or read the cards. To operate, GIDE analyzes a huge amount of data contained in the cloud.

“We combine artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess and analyze, for example, the average number of cars in a parking lot that may be present at a strategic location of a competitor or threat, and we monitor this over a specific period.” explains Commander General G. VanHerck. Thanks to machine learning, GIDE identifies recurring trends and events, which she can then predict from the current situation.

The Pentagon is developing an AI that can predict the future

“Information domain” and “Superiority in decision making”, this is what the US military is looking for while working on GIDE. However, we are far from being a science fiction scenario. AI uses systems that have been around for several years, this time applied to military contexts. The goal : anticipating enemy movements, but also anticipating certain violence within the population. “Being able to anticipate a few days in advance means giving yourself new decision-making spaces”said G. VanHerck.

So we’re not talking here about seeing totally unexpected events in advance, but about relying on known standards to assess their likelihood of recurrence. Of course, we must not forget the human factor which, by definition, exceeds the limits of control and rationality. However, the United States seems to have high hopes for GIDE. Instead of responding to an attack with an attack, AI can lead two countries to negotiate before the worst happens. According to the US military, this could happen as early as the spring of 2022.

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