The US may stop aid to Ukraine, The Washington Post

If Republican representatives win the Nov. 8 congressional midterm elections, the U.S. could cut or stop aid to Kyiv altogether.

The American newspaper Washington Post said this in one of its articles. In its report, the newspaper quoted the Republican Marjorie Taylor Green, who said that according to the Republicans, not a single penny of the United States will go to Ukraine.

The Washington Post article states that the Republican Party is poised to make significant gains in the midterm elections and will likely overhaul the entire U.S. approach to support the Ukrainian resistance.

According to the newspaper, the Republican leadership in the House is expected to increase the political pressure on Iran in addition to the policy of dealing with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to Republican estimates, Ukraine should not expect more aid from the United States now, considering that Congress has already approved $60 billion in aid for Ukraine and that Kyiv continues to push the West. Asking to increase the amount of aid.

According to the article, various Republican candidates and legislators have indicated to stop funding on the eve of elections.

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