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The US has changed its drone strike policy

The US has changed its drone strike policy

The US has changed its drone strike policy. US President Joe Biden made the use of drone strikes outside war-torn areas subject to presidential approval.

According to the US news agency, a senior US official said on condition of anonymity that the new policy would require the president’s approval before adding any suspected militant to the list for lethal action, which includes drones. Attacks, raids operations i.e. armed attacks are also included.

The new directives issued by the US on Friday on drone strikes are aimed at protecting the lives of civilians and are part of the US’s new counter-terrorism strategy.

As a result of these directives, the US drone policy has gone back to the level of former President Barack Obama.

Under former President Donald Trump, the policy was reversed to allow even lower-level officials to decide on lethal drone strikes.

After President Joe Biden took office, he imposed a ban on the US military and intelligence agencies, requiring them to seek permission from the president to use lethal force outside war zones.

It should be noted that on Thursday, the United States targeted 3 senior ISIS commanders in Syria in a drone attack, while a ground operation was also carried out in areas controlled by the Syrian government.

Under the new policy, since Syria is now a disputed area, the official approval of the president will not be required for the operation here, however, the approval of the US president will be required for the future operation in Afghanistan, where the head of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was targeted in the US attack. .

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