The US gives a military aid package to Ukraine for 1.3 billion

Washington (BLAZETRENDS).- The United States Government announced on Wednesday a new military aid package for Ukraine worth 1.3 billion dollars, which includes four NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems, tactical vehicles and ammunition, among other materials.

As reported in a statement by the Department of Defense, the package includes important air defense systems and ammunition to fulfill the short-term commitment to improve Ukraine’s capabilities in defending its territory against Russian aggression.

A vital support for Ukraine

The White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, stressed in a press conference the importance of this package at a time like the present, when Russia has decided to suspend the grain agreement and has resumed its attacks on Ukrainian port cities.

The aid is included in the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), under which the US government provides Ukraine with material directly from industry or its partners, not as in other packages where it comes from the country’s military surplus.

This is, according to the statement, the beginning of a contracting process aimed at providing Ukraine with additional capacities.

Shipping from USA

The military aid package includes four advanced surface-to-air missile systems (NASAMS), TOW anti-tank missiles, 152-millimeter artillery rounds, mine clearance equipment, precision aerial munitions, 150 fuel trucks or 115 tactical vehicles.

It also includes equipment for port security, tactical security systems or support for maintenance and military training.

At the press conference at the White House, Jean-Pierre recalled that US President Joe Biden already made clear last week during the NATO summit his commitment and that of his allies to Ukraine in the short and long term for as long as this country needs it, adding that this package is proof of that.

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