The US distances itself from Russia and consolidates itself as the main arms exporter worldwide

The United States consolidates itself as the world’s leading arms exporter, distancing itself from Russia, which has been weighed down by sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine, while arms imports to Europe are increasing sharply, according to a report by the Institute for International Research. Stockholm Peace Council (SIPRI).

"Although arms transfers have declined globally, those to Europe have risen sharply due to tensions between Russia and most other European states."has indicated the senior researcher of the SIPRI Arms Transfer Program, Siemon Wezeman.

In this sense, he has ensured that European States seek to import weapons "faster". For its part, the United States has increased its distance from Russia and has established itself as the world’s leading arms exporter, behind Russia, which has been affected by global sanctions.

Specifically, according to the report’s data, arms imports by European states have increased by 47 percent between the periods 2013-17 and 2018-22, while the global level of international arms transfers has decreased by 5 ,1 percent.

With respect to the United States, the North American giant has increased its exports by 14 percent in the aforementioned periods, reaching 40 percent of world arms exports between 2018 and 2022. For its part, Russian arms exports have dropped 31 percent.

This has also affected recipients of Russian weapons, which have decreased from ten to eight in the aforementioned periods. Thus, exports to India have fallen by 37 percent, while exports to the other seven countries have fallen by an average of 59 percent. However, China stands out, with an increase of 39 percent and Egypt, with a rise of 44.

The increase in French arms exports also stands out, with 44 percent more between 2013-17 and 2018-2022, most of them to Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. It is remarkable, in this way, that France has displaced the United States as the second largest arms supplier to India, after Russia.

"France is gaining a larger share of the global arms market as Russian arms exports decline, as seen in India, for example."Wezeman has indicated, adding that "It is probable" let this trend continue.

The Ukrainian war and the tension with China

The report also highlights that European NATO states increased their arms imports by 65 percent in an attempt to bolster their arsenals in response to tensions over the war in Ukraine, which has become the third-largest importer by 2022. of arms after Qatar and India.

Arms imports by China rose 4.1 percent, with the bulk coming from Russia. Despite this, the largest increases in East Asia were reported by South Korea (up 61 percent) and Japan (up 171 percent), US allies. Likewise, Australia has increased its imports by 23 percent.

"Rising perceptions of threats from China and North Korea have fueled increased arms import demand from Japan, South Korea and Australia, particularly for long-range attack weapons."Wezeman explained.

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