The US Congress echoed the flood disasters in Pakistan

The US Congress echoed the flood disasters in Pakistan

The story of the flood disaster in Pakistan also reached the US Congress. Member Sheila Jackson Lee informed the participants about the devastating situation with pictures.

According to ARY News, the story of flood devastation in Pakistan has also reached the American Congress and the member of Congress informed the participants about the large-scale loss of life and money caused by the flood with the help of photographs.

Sheila Jackson said that the people of Pakistan are suffering from disaster at the moment, aerial surveys have seen water everywhere, this is a disaster that you have never seen before.

The female member of Congress told the participants that there was such a rain in Pakistan that there are floods everywhere and women and children are sitting on the bridges without food in the flood-affected areas. This will continue.

It should be noted that Sheila Jackson Lee, the American Democrat member of Congress and the chairperson of the Pakistan Caucus, visited the flood-affected areas of Pakistan in the past few days.

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While holding a press conference in Houston after returning from this visit, Sheila said that America will provide 20 million dollars in aid and 300,000 tents to help flood victims in Pakistan.