The US calls for the immediate release of Cubans “unfairly” imprisoned for the protests

Washington (BLAZETRENDS).- The United States demanded this Tuesday, on the second anniversary of the anti-government demonstrations that took place in Cuba, that the “political prisoners unjustly detained” be released in those demonstrations.

This was requested in a US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who urged the international community to join the US in petitioning Cuba to release the “hundreds of students, journalists, artists and young people who are imprisoned unfairly”.

“Today marks two years since thousands of Cubans raised their voices to claim their fundamental freedoms,” said Blinken, who pointed out that the United States maintains its support for those who continue to wait for democracy to be established on the island.

The US appeals for seeking democratic values ​​in Cuba

A “free democracy where your voices are heard, your businesses thrive, and your children have a future.”

“The world will not be able to forget those who spoke up against the extreme repression, including the more than 700 people who remain in Cuban jails, sentenced to up to 25 years for exercising their freedom of expression peacefully,” he said.

And he also recalled that the United States has imposed sanctions and visa restrictions on those who have been involved in “abuses” against human rights, including those directed at those who protested on July 11, 2021.

Cuba celebrates two years this Tuesday since its biggest anti-government protests in decades with hundreds of sentenced despite calls from several countries and the Catholic Church, and in a political-economic context not very different from the one that caused that social discontent.

Congress also looks at detainees

Members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US Congress recalled on Monday the “sacrifice for the cause of freedom” made by the thousands of Cubans who protested on July 11, 2021 and considered that the installation of a Chinese training base in Cuba.

During a round table that was held at the headquarters of the 2506 Assault Brigade Museum, west of Miami, the president of this committee, Republican Michael McCaul, stressed that the bipartisan delegation of six legislators who participated in this day did so “Not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans who stand up for freedom.”

“Today I am here as a Cuban and on behalf of the Cuban people. We are going to restore freedom and democracy in Cuba,” McCaul promised.

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