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The US believes that Hamas raped the hostages and is therefore not releasing them

The US believes that Hamas raped the hostages and is therefore not releasing them

The US State Department spokesman, Matthew Miller, He claimed this Monday that the Islamic resistance movement (Hamas) He does not want to release the women he has held since October 7 for fear that they might report cases of rape by militia members. “The reason this (humanitarian) pause failed is this: They don’t want these women to be able to talk about what happened to them while they were in prison.“he said during a press conference in which he was asked about reports of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Miller has indicated that he does not have an independent assessment, but that he has seen the reports that Hamas has committed violations, so he has “no reason to doubt these reports,” and has emphasized this Since October 7, when Hamas attacked southern Israel, killing 1,200 Israelis and taking 240 people hostage, Hamas has committed “all sorts of atrocities.”

“The humanitarian pause that led to the release of the hostages was negotiated with very clear conditions, and that said that children and women would be the first priority for release. Near the end of the ceasefire, as we neared the end,” “Hamas was still holding women who should have been released next, and they refused. They broke the deal and made excuses to explain why,” she explained.

He then pointed out that “none of the excuses were credible,” but “certainly one of the reasons many people believe they refused to release them is because they didn’t.”or they wanted people to hear what these women had to say publicly.

In contrast, the Foreign Ministry spokesman celebrated the “improvement” of the Israeli army in the new phase of its attacks in the Gaza Stripwhich since Sunday has also included the land invasion into the south of the enclave, where thousands of Palestinians who were expelled on the orders of the Israeli authorities are staying.

“One of the differences that the Israeli government has proposed from now on is that there is one.” United Nations-designated facilities in Khan Yunis, Rafah City, in the center of the Gaza Strip and in the south, where the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have ordered people to seek shelter. These locations are on lists of deconfliction zones that should not be the target of military campaigns. So we have seen an improvement, at least an intention, in their plans, we will see how it is implemented,” he explained.

Although Israel has bombed areas it had previously designated as safe places, such as when it ordered civilians to move from the north to the south of the enclave, Washington has urged civilians to go to these United Nations-designated places of refuge from the Israeli military campaign. But there are fears that these facilities will become so overcrowded that there will be no capacity or resources to treat the tens of thousands of people who may visit them.

“When it comes to deciding whether to be in an area where heavy fighting is taking place or whether to evacuate to a United Nations-run center, be it a refugee center or other facility where “With food, water and medicine available, the choice is certainly clear,” he explained after being asked if these locations were a viable option for civilians.

However, he acknowledged that “conditions are still quite difficult” and they are therefore trying to increase aid to address the humanitarian problem. To this end, US special envoy David Satterfield is in the region, where he is holding daily talks with UN organizations to increase aid. “They could use more help. They could use more capacity, and that’s what we’re trying to provide in what is obviously a very challenging environment,” Miller said.

Protection of the civilian population

Finally, the speaker acknowledged this again The US government believes that “too many Palestinians have died in the early weeks of this conflict” and has concluded that this position is not a “secret.” “We want Israel to take additional measures to minimize harm to civilians,” he reiterated, emphasizing that the US side had pressured Israel on this point at their meeting. “As we review their plans to minimize harm to civilians, we must take a step back and remember that the Israeli army is one of the most professional in the world,” he argued.

Likewise, he noted that the IDF has “legal provisions” when carrying out attacks, “they go through procedures in which they weigh the harm to civilians when carrying out one of the bombings,” and “they put in place plans for evacuation have”. “Certain neighborhoods need to be maintained to move civilians out of harm’s way, rather than just telling the entire population to move.”

After Hamas attacks, Israel launched its offensive against Gaza. Around 1,200 people were killed and around 240 were kidnapped. Hamas-controlled Gaza authorities have reported more than 15,900 deaths from the Israeli offensive so far, while more than 256 Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have died at the hands of Israeli forces or in settler attacks since October 7.

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