The US Attorney’s Office is launching a special investigation into Biden’s son

The Attorney General of the United States, Merrick garlandreported that appointment as prosecutor Through the state DeDavid Weiss as a special counsel in a Case against Hunter Bidenthe son of the President of the United States, Joe Biden. He justified this decision in the “extraordinary circumstances” a scandal that has become a political argument against the incumbent President.

Hunter Biden pleaded guilty in June a series of Administrative offenses due to irregularities on your income statement, including the non-payment of taxes. However, the exact terms of his guilty plea are never disclosed they were done for an additional fee for firearms possession. While this matter is controversial, andhe son president American Remains found not guilty.

Garland explained that Weiss contacted him Tuesday this week to say his investigation had reached its limits and that in order to continue his work, he needed to be given the special assignment he had ready and needs to be confirmed this Friday.

Hunter Biden’s attorney Chris Clark, there is trust “a fair solution” after five years of investigations, “Whether it’s in Delaware or Washington or anywhere else.” On that note, he hopes the case can be closed so the president’s son is recognized addiction problems in the past, can”get on with your life

Hunter Biden is also facing a possible Republican-led congressional probe into what House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is calling the “Cloudy Business” from the Biden family. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, also a Republican Kevin McCarthyhas suggested this week that he might support a possible investigation into the President himself, which includes the category “Impeachment or political process.

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In particular, prosecutor David Weiss, who is already reviewing the case against him Hunter Biden as prosecutorwas nominated in 2017 by the then President, donald trumpand ratified by the Republican Senate a year later. With the nomination of Weiss, the federal administration wants to dispel all doubts about it Allegations of partisanship in favor of Biden’s son.

In fact, a spokesman for the Trump campaign said, stevencheung, responded to the initiation of a special investigation by pointing out that the Biden’s “cartel” has been “protected” for years. by the Justice Department, despite the “overwhelming evidence”. Since then, however, it has questioned the prosecutor’s independence “failed to bring proper charges after four years of investigation,” according to a statement collected by CNN.

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