The US assures it will respond “consistently” while Iran distances itself from the attack

The dawn bombing of a US base in Jordan by a pro-Iranian militia on Sunday may have already irrevocably marked the point of no return in the open, multi-front conflict in the Middle East. The Biden administration assures it will respond “consistently” to the aggression, which left three US soldiers dead and 34 injured, as Iran seeks to distance itself from the attack to avoid escalation.

Spokesman of the National Security Council John Kirby stated in an interview with CNN that the American President Joe Biden “Will” respond “very consistently” to Sunday’s attack. “But we are not seeking war with Iran. “We do not expect a major conflict in the Middle East,” he added.

The US President had already attributed the drone attack on Sunday to radical militias with ties to Iran and warned that it would not go unpunished. At the same time, the alliance of armed groups called the Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility and said it had attacked three bases on Syrian territory, including Al Tanf and Rukban, which are very close to each other on the border with Jordan.

It is the first time that American soldiers have lost their lives since the war between Israel and Hamas began. The Pentagon is increasing the number of attacks carried out since mid-October by pro-Tehran militias based in Syria and Iraq against the interests of the United States and its allies, a significant portion of which are claimed by the aforementioned Islamic Resistance was, to 150.

From Tehran, the Islamic Republic authorities insisted they were distancing themselves from last Sunday’s attack. Through the Permanent Representative to the United Nations, the Ayatollah regime claimed it had “no connection or anything to do with the attack on the US base,” which it attributed to a “conflict between the United States and resistance groups in the region.” . » , according to a bulletin from the official Iranian agency IRNA.

For his part, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Naser Kananiclaimed that the “resistance groups” in the region do not take orders from Iran and that the regime “does not interfere in their decisions on how to support the Palestinian nation or protect themselves and the people of their country from any aggression and occupation.” “.

According to another statement from the official IRNA agency, the minister’s spokesman stated: “Since the beginning of the current crisis in Gaza, the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly warned about the danger of an expansion of the conflict in the region,” the Zionist regime’s ongoing attacks against the Palestinian people as well the United States’ broad support for the genocide against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

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The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman went further, calling the allegations about the connection with the aggression in Jordan “a conspiracy by those who see their interest in drawing the United States into a new struggle in the region and inciting it to expand.” and escalate the crisis to cover up their problems.

However, the theocratic regime is trying to maintain an image of toughness and has announced the execution by hanging of four men accused of spying for Israel. Likewise, the Iranian propaganda media highlighted the visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister to Islamabad a few days after the exchange of fire between the armies of Iran and Pakistan with the clear intention of manifesting normality.

If the mullahs’ regime, aware of its military inferiority, hesitates to open a confrontation with the United States and Israel, the Biden administration is no less hesitant, which has been working hard for weeks in negotiations with the various regional actors with this aim in mind is about achieving a ceasefire between Tel Aviv and Hamas in Gaza and thus preventing an escalation of the regional war.

Meanwhile, the governments of Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain condemned Sunday’s attack. The Jordanian executive deplored “the terrorist attack that targeted an advanced position on the border with Syria” and hit US troops “working with Jordan to counter terrorism and secure the border.”

The Hamas spokesman, for his part, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that the soldiers’ deaths “is a message to the American government that if the murder of innocent people in Gaza does not stop, the entire nation” of Muslims could face it. “The continuation of American-Zionist aggression in Gaza could lead to a regional explosion,” added the representative of the Sunni Islamist organization, which has fully controlled the political and military future of the Gaza Strip since 2007.

Tehran is trying to avoid escalation

In a similar line to the almost four months since the Hamas aggression in Israel, the authorities of the Islamic Republic have once again distanced themselves from the actions of the various forces. Proxy which have since simultaneously attacked Western interests in the Middle East, from Hezbollah’s bombings against Israel from Lebanon to the Houthi attacks in the waters of the Red Sea, through various Shiite militias based in Syria and Iraq, and Hamas itself in Gaza , author of the October 7 Kibbutz Massacre. While the mullahs’ regime’s spokesmen assure that the “Axis of Resistance” is autonomous and sovereign, they have not failed to celebrate each of their attacks.

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