The US and South Korea launch their annual joint military exercises

The authorities of South Korea and the United States have launched their annual joint military exercises in the region on Monday despite warnings from North Korea, which sees such maneuvers as a "war rehearsal".

Over the next five days, the allied countries will mobilize about a hundred aircraft, among which are numerous South Korean F-15K and KF-16 fighters, as well as the American F-16s, as explained to the Yonhap news agency. a senior officer in the Army.

However, this time no military vehicles have been deployed from US soil. South Korea and the United States have been conducting these kinds of exercises in a "reduced" and apparently "discreet" since the ‘Vigilant Ace’ maneuvers were suspended on a large scale in an attempt to support the resumption of talks on the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The South Korean Air Force has thus indicated that the maneuvers are being carried out in a manner "contained" and within the framework of the plan established annually. "We cannot comment on the exercises as this information is not available to the media.", has indicated a high military position.

North Korea has again denounced the exercises and has again threatened to take action on them. In this sense, he has asked the two countries to stop "hypocrisy" speaking of the North Korean ballistics program as if it were a "provocation" while considering their own a mere gesture of "containment".


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