The unreason of a new Summit of the Americas

President Joe Biden faces enormous difficulties five months before the crucial mid-term elections in November, which could eventually end his term, not in legal terms but de facto if Republicans win a majority in the House of Representatives and win a few more seats in the Senate. The violent debauchery (indiscriminate shootings almost daily) and the proliferation of armed militias throughout the country installs it in what some analysts like the philosophy professor Jason Stanley (Yale University) has named “a legal phase of fascism”. Phase that, according to the evolution of the global situation of the country (economic, political and social) it may give way to the outright consolidation of a one-party fascist regime.

On the other hand, the economic situation is marked by the spread of poverty and a violent rise in prices, especially energy and food, unleashed by the absurd economic sanctions directed against Russia and that triggered a “boomerang effect” that is plunging the economies of almost the entire world into an inflationary nightmare. The inability to guarantee formula milk for millions of children -something only conceivable in an underdeveloped country- accentuates the economic malaise, which is reflected in a meager 39 percent approval rating for the presidential discharge according to the latest Associated Press poll. Doubts about his mental capacity to continue in office; a disastrous foreign policy that instead of seeking a diplomatic settlement of the crisis in Ukraine fuels the escalation of the conflict (for the benefit of the thugs of the military-industrial complex); the insane incoherence of the policy towards China, warned a few weeks ago by Henry Kissinger and the resentment of the leaders of his party in the face of what they fear the return of a “Trump Reloaded”, Against which there is no alternative leadership among the Democrats, all this, we say, constitutes the ominous backdrop for the Summit of the Americas.

irreversible decline

Why would a president beset by such formidable problems call a meeting like that? Because of the simplistic reading that US governments have of this part of the world, which they intend to control as they did for much of the 20th century. They do not have the faintest idea of ​​the changes that have taken place in the region since the irruption of Hugo Chavez from now on, and that changed – drastically in several countries – the perception of the governments of the area about the United States, recognizing that its decline is irreversible and that we are witnessing the dawn of a new geopolitical era; that Washington always “remained on words” and never kept its promises; that only sought to benefit the business of companies in his country and nothing more. This is a constant from the Quebec Summit (2001) until today. From the clumsy reading of the establishment diplomat of that country, it was thought convenient to call a meeting, with the irritating exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, to try to align the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean in the wars of the empire: in the current one, against Russia and in the is coming, according to the mediocre Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, against China. The detail escaped them, nothing minor by the way, that the Asian giant is the first or second commercial and financial partner of almost all the countries in the area, and that even governments very inclined to follow Washington’s directives, their submission does not reach as much as to bite the hand of China, which is the one who feeds them.

That’s why, as he said in a recent interview with President Nicolás Maduro, the Summit has no agenda, plans, projects, nothing! His only theme is to perpetuate the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, and nothing else. It goes without saying that there will be no joint declaration and, probably, a very serious discussion will arise on issues that afflict our peoples. In any case, it can be assumed that the CELAC countries will demand new definitions, and that it may be Alberto FernandezPresident pro tempore of CELAC, whoever is in charge of saying what so many people and so many governments think about our relationship with the United States. For example Washington must put an end to its odious practice of intervention and destabilization in the countries of the area, ratified a thousand times in the declassified documents of the United States government. The list would be endless and is known to all. Another subject: put an end to Washington’s scandalous double discourse on human rights. Because, how to explain that the United States (like Canada) is not a party to the American Convention on Human Rights or that it ignores the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court. How is it possible that the self-proclaimed champion of human rights on a global level commits such flagrant contradictions?

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Even more: Latin America and the Caribbean have defined themselves as a “zone of peace.” How to explain the existence of 76 military bases that according to the Southern Command exist in our countries? Bases to fight against whom, where is the enemy army of the United States that justifies the presence of so many bases? There are no armed forces of any extra-continental country in the region. There are no Russian, Chinese or Iranian troops here. So, if there are no rival forces, could it be that these bases have been installed to guarantee exclusive access to our strategic natural resources or to control the peoples of the region in case they decide to march in a direction that is incompatible with the interests of the region? North Americans?

Free trade

The successive summits did not fail to demand of our countries a commercial opening while extolled the virtues of free trade without subsidies or unfair practices. However, the US economy is, in many trade items, strongly protectionist, with tariff and non-tariff barriers and “import quotas” used as disciplining instruments for smaller countries. But when the countries of the area adopted the precepts of the Washington Consensus in the 1990s, the results originated a social holocaust of gigantic proportions. President Joe Biden himself has repeated over and over again that the spill theory doesn’t work., and that even in the US it obscenely concentrated wealth and made its economy lose competitiveness. Why do they keep asking us to apply a recipe that failed unappealable? The Argentine experience with the government of Mauricio Macri it once again demonstrated the devastating effects of the policies of liberalization, privatization and indiscriminate opening of our economies. We must not go down that road again.

It should be demanded right away, without any delay, to put an end to the criminal blockade decreed against Cuba, the longest in universal history. Not even the Mongol empires, or that of the Han Dynasty, the Byzantine, the Roman, the Persian and the Athenian empires ever subjected a small rebellious country to a sixty-two-year blockade like the one imposed on Cuba for having taken over your destiny. The blockade is a crime against humanity and must be ended without further delay. Instead, it was intensified during the pandemic, adding new doses of immorality and cruelty to the policies of the empire. The same can be said of the blockades and permanent aggressions launched against Venezuela and Nicaragua. They cause suffering in the attacked populations but they also corrode the moral foundations of the political order within the empire. That is why Jason Stanley, quoted above, sees the terrifying specter of fascism in America approaching. The crime of the blockade becomes, dialectically, a poison that corrodes and destroys the soul of whoever perpetrates this crime.

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