The unknown of Venus is about to be discovered

After decades of being ignored, the POT and the European Space Agency they decided Explore Venusthe planet most similar to Earth in the solar system. Ivan Lopeza Spanish explorer who will help with this mission For 20 years I have explored this planet and makes sure Venus has that same size and composition as the earth. The expert confirms that both planets formed in the same place in the solar system. “But then they ended up in very different places,” he reveals.

Why did Venus later turn into hell with temperatures up to 480 degrees? This is one of the unknowns around the planet. NASA and the European Space Agency are adopting this three missions to clarify his story. He Professor Ivan Lopez He will act as an advisor to all of them. “They are complementary missions and they aim to study the atmosphere. The other two will provide us with high-resolution images to capture the entire surface,” says the expert.

The surface of this planet is theoretically marked by volcanic activity. So if we know why Venus took a different course than Earth, we can answer other questions. “We don’t know if Earth is the norm or the exception. It may be that all the Earth-like planets that we discover are more Earth-like or Venus-like,” he says.

inspired by the scientific exploration of VenusCompanies like OceanGate, the same company that failed in its attempt to reach the Titanic in a mini submersible, are rushing in advertise tourist trips to Venus in 2050. Not worth much, says the expert. “Although technically possible, the economic costs would be so high and it is not one of the most attractive places for tourism.”

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A space flight of 6 to 14 months is required to reach Venus. But today, through these three missions, Earth is getting a little closer to its former twin brother.

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