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The United States will pardon all those convicted of marijuana possession

Estados Unidos perdonará a todos los condenados por posesión de marihuana

United States President Joe Biden will pardon all those federally convicted of possession of marijuana through an executive order, the White House announced Thursday.

"Sending people to jail simply for possessing marijuana has affected too many lives and put people in jail for conduct that is legal in many states"Biden said in a video announcing the decision.

In a call with journalists, high-level officials of the US Administration explained that the order will affect those convicted at the federal levelof which no one is currently in prison, though Biden will encourage governors to do the same at the state level.

"We estimate that around 6,500 people federally convicted of marijuana possessionand 1,000 people in the District of Columbia, will benefit from this decision"assured an official during the call.

These sentences, in many cases, create difficulties for those affected to access housing or employment.

The majority of convictions for possession of marijuana, however, occur at the state level, which is why the Administration of the Democrat will urge governors across the country to take the same action.

The announcement is part of a series of executive actions announced by Biden to try to take steps to decriminalize marijuana, one of his electoral promises that, however, has been slowed down by the lack of agreements in Congress.

Biden has therefore decided to speed up the process and launch a series of measures to ease the burden that convictions for possession of marijuana pose for a large part of society, especially the non-white population of the country.

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