The United States reiterates that it is not possible to travel to its territory with pork or pork products from the Dominican Republic

While the Dominican authorities ensure that the African swine fever is controlled, the United States embassy recently reiterated that it is not possible to travel to its territory with pork products from the Dominican Republic.

Nor can you visit US territory if you have visited a pig farm recently, the embassy has specified twice this month through its social networks.

“It is prohibited to travel to the US from the DR with pork or pork products. This is a measure to prevent the spread of African swine fever to pigs in other countries “says one of the posts.

Indicates that African swine fever can be carried on clothing, shoes, hands, or anything else.

In mid-September, the Ministry of Agriculture reported that African swine fever is under control and the country is moving towards its eradication.

The United States Department of Agriculture warned of the presence in the country of this disease at the end of July (almost four months ago), since then it has spread to several provinces.

The authorities have followed the corresponding protocol to control the plague, with the help of American experts, and always emphasize that pork can be consumed without fear because the disease does not affect humans.







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