The United States President’s special supersonic aircraft, twice the speed of sound.

Washington: A next-generation supersonic aircraft is being developed for the President of the United States, which will fly at twice the speed of sound.

According to details, a California state company is working with the ExxonMobil US Air Force on a supersonic aircraft, which could be the next Air Force One.

ExxonMobil was commissioned when its supersonic Mac 1.8 twin low-arm jet struck the US military.

The 31-seat plane, based on ExxonMobil’s commercial airline jet, is called the heyday of executive jets, with leather seats, exquisite wood and stone work and comfort, and separate places for work and on. all, its maximum speed will be twice that of existing airplanes.

In the design of this aircraft, the first of the two private parts is in the form of a meeting room for three passengers, which will have the facility of secure video conferencing to be online to work and speak with journalists. It has swivel seats and the video monitor can also be folded down. The second section has upright seats with which the chair can be positioned at any height, senior staff can work or relax together, and the main cabin has 20 business class seats.

The ExxonMobil has a range of 5,000 nautical miles (9,260 km) and a capacity of almost twice the speed of sound, considering that its underarm technology does not affect people living on Earth. Supersonic planes tend to make a lot of noise, which makes people very annoying.

The maximum speed of the aircraft will be Mak 1.8 or 2,222 kilometers per hour, the company says that this aircraft will fly in the air until the mid-2030s.

It should be noted that Hermione Corporation, based in Atlanta, is also working on a 20-seater hypersonic plane, not a supersonic but a hypersonic that will arrive in London from New York in just 90 minutes. Hermione is also working with various agencies, including the US Air Force and NASA, to build a Mac5 aircraft, an aircraft that can fly at 5 times the speed of sound.

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