The United States “prefers” diplomacy but does not rule out military action against Iran due to the nuclear conflict

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, declared this Sunday that the United States "prefer" diplomacy to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, while he has not ruled out military action.

"We continue to believe that the most effective way to address the international community’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear program is through diplomacy. Diplomacy is never off the table"he stated in an interview with the Al Arabiya television network.

In this sense, the Secretary of State has reiterated that the "preferred path" of the White House is diplomacy, even though "President (US Joe) Biden has also made it clear that we are determined that Iran not acquire a nuclear weapon.

Asked if Washington is considering a military option, Blinken replied that "everything is on the table"after Iran rejected the opportunity to return to the agreement.

The repression of the protests that have taken place in Iran for months, after the death of the young Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, has undermined the West’s confidence in the negotiations, imposing sanctions against senior Iranian officials.

"Our focus now is on the many things that have happened since then, including the horrific crackdown on the Iranian people on the streets of Iran as young people, women in particular, have been standing up for their rights."has criticized Blinken, who has highlighted the "tremendous worldwide solidarity with the Iranian people".

"At the same time, we also see Iran supporting Russia in its aggressive war against Ukraine, providing it with drones and potentially other weapons systems."has added.

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