The United States is investigating the ‘document leak’ about the Ukraine war

Documents allegedly leaked from the US on the Ukraine war contain internal discussions between South Korea’s top security officials. That is, the United States has spied on its allies. However, the US officials claimed that the document was false and distorted.

An investigation has been started to confirm whether the document was actually leaked or not. The leak is now being investigated by the Pentagon, the White House and other US government agencies, as well as the Justice Department. These documents were first seen on other social media like Twitter and Telegram. News – Al-Jazeera.

One of the leaked documents is about South Korea. The undated documents reveal alleged internal discussions between top aides to South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol. That said, Washington is pressuring Seoul to give up its weapons.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke on the phone with the South Korean Defense Minister on Tuesday. After their discussion, both sides agreed that the leaked document was a fabrication. However, they did not clarify which part of the document is false.

The Washington Post reports that the leaked intelligence documents are dated February 17. According to the document, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi held a meeting with the country’s top military officials. There they also discussed the supply of rockets as well as artillery shells and gunpowder to Russia.

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