The United States insisted on the extradition of Julian Assange

The US government has ruled before the High Court in London that WikiLeaks founder, Australian journalist Julian Assange, is not “so sick” as to want to commit suicide if extradited to the United States., a country that demands it on the accusation of alleged espionage. American lawyers understand that the evidence presented by Assange’s defense, which Remains detained in the UK’s maximum security prison, accused of disclosing classified documents, are not based on your current health status, but on how it can evolve. Tens of protesters with banners that prayed “Ten years, that’s enough!” or “Free Assange” gathered in London court on Wednesday, including former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

During a preliminary hearing of the appeals process ordered by Washington, the attorney clair dobbin He reported that Assange doesn’t have a history of wanting to get hurt and “never suffered from the kind of mental health problem” that “deprived him of the ability” to make rational decisions. Your look is very different from that of the psychiatrist Michael Kopelman, that in September 2020, during Assange’s extradition trial, he reported that the journalist exhibits suicidal behavior this can be strengthened if the British justice decides to transfer him to the United States.

Assange He was detained by British police in April 2019, after the Ecuadorian government withdrew his diplomatic asylum from the Ecuadorian embassy in London., where he had lived as a refugee since 2012 for fear of being extradited to the United States. The US justice accuses him of espionage for disclosing in 2010 more than 700,000 classified documents about military and diplomatic activities, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, which revealed acts of torture, civilian deaths and other abuses.

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