The United States has once again approved military aid for Ukraine

The United States is preparing to give Ukraine explosives and military vehicles once again, under a new aid package worth $725 million.

According to the details, the Joe Biden administration of the United States will immediately give Ukraine 725 million dollars worth of explosives and military vehicles under the new aid package, but the American officials say that the equipment related to the air defense system is not prominent in this new aid shipment. will

Foreign news agencies Reuters reports After the implementation of this package, the value of the military aid given by the United States to Ukraine will be 17.5 billion dollars. The US has been providing aid to Ukraine since February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine.

U.S. officials said the new aid package would be effective immediately, and would be the first U.S. aid package since Russia’s recent bombing of various Ukrainian cities.

U.S. officials say that the price of the package and the munitions included may change, increase or decrease until the package is finally and officially announced.

The package is likely to be different from the aid package sent to Ukraine last week. It should be noted that missiles were included in the aid package sent last week. That package, designed to counter Russian missile attacks, has had its benefits.

It is reported that Ukraine will receive the latest anti-aircraft system from the US and Germany this week, which will also have the ability to respond to missile attacks and drones.

This aid package is being given under the special authority of the President of the United States, ‘Presidential Drawdown Authority’. Under this authority, the President has the power to immediately give military aid to any country in the US stock. Under this authority, the President does not even need to ask Congress.

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This will be the second PDA package for Ukraine during the US fiscal year 2023. In total, this authority authorizes the US president to release $3.7 billion in military aid to other countries through mid-December.

It should be noted that earlier in September last month, according to the memo sent to the White House by the US Department of State, US President Biden had announced a $600 million arms package for the Ukrainian army in the war against Russia.

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