The United States defends the G20 consensus statement on Ukraine despite criticism from Kiev

The United States defended this Sunday the declaration agreed at the G20 summit However, it does not contain any condemnation of the war in Ukraine, which has drawn criticism in Kiev.

White House Security Council “number two” Jon Finer defended this document in statements to the press aboard the Air Force One plane, in which US President Joe Biden said: travels to Vietnam after attending the G20 summit of heads of state and government in India.

Finn thought about it The statement made by the G20 on Saturday is “unprecedented” and sends a message about the “imperative need” for Russia to stop using force in Ukraine and refrain from violating the territorial integrity of that country, which it began to invade in February 2022.

Specifically, the declaration by the G20 heads of state and government calls on “all states” to avoid this “the threat or use of force to conquer territory”but does not contain any condemnation of the war in Ukraine.

The G20 leaders’ statement after last year’s summit in Bali included a paragraph in which “the majority of members” “strongly condemned the war in Ukraine.”

After the G20 statement was released in New Delhi, the Foreign Ministry said Ukraine was disappointed and suggested corrections to the wording of the document.

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