The United States confirmed the deaths of two members of "High profile" of ISIS-K in the bombing of Afghanistan

The Pentagon reported this Saturday that the drone it launched in the last hours over Afghanistan killed the two alleged “high-profile” Islamic State members and wounded another. It was said by the Deputy Director of Logistics of the US General Staff, General Hank Taylor, at a press conference.

Up to now, the Pentagon had only reported the death of an alleged IS member in the US offensive in retaliation for the attack on Thursday at the Kabul airport, which was claimed by the same terrorist group and which left dozens dead, including 13 US soldiers.

Taylor said there were “zero civilian casualties” and stated that Washington will continue to conduct operations against IS terrorists “as needed”.

It also detailed that the alleged terrorists executed played the roles of “facilitators” and “planners” of the IS, although he refused to specify if they participated in any way in the organization of the attack on the Kabul airport or what specific functions they performed.

At the same press conference, Defense Department spokesman John Kirby refused to assess how the loss of these two individuals could impact ISIS’s ability to plan attacks.

The fact that these two individuals are no longer walking the face of the earth, that’s a good thing.. It’s a good thing for the people of Afghanistan, it’s a good thing for our troops and for our forces at the airport, “Kirby just said.

Asked about it, the spokesman indicated that Washington “did not” share information with the Taliban about the attack.

As reported by the Pentagon on Friday, the operation took place in the province of Nangarhar, a mountainous terrain in eastern Afghanistan that is very difficult to control and has served as a stronghold for the terrorist group since its appearance in Afghanistan in 2015.

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The US attack came 24 hours after US President Joe Biden promised revenge against ISIS and revealed that he had ordered his commanders to develop plans to hit the terror group’s targets in Afghanistan, its leaders, and its members. bases.

The number of victims of Thursday’s attack in Kabul amounts to at least 170 people dead and 150 injured, indicated to Efe in Kabul sources close to the Taliban; while the Pentagon has reported the death of 13 US soldiers and 18 wounded.

The IS affiliate that was responsible for the attack is known as the Islamic State of Khorasan (as the jihadists refer to Afghanistan). It was created in 2015 and is a staunch enemy of both the US and the Taliban.


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