The United States and Russia view each other as enemies, but the United States has become Russia’s largest importer of ice cream and juice.

According to experts, the number of countries buying ice cream from Russia has increased from 34 to 45 last year. The United States tops the list.

Last year, Russian ice cream imports to the United States increased by 3%. Second on the list is Kazakhstan, while imports of Russian ice cream have also increased in the African countries Senegal and Ivory Coast.

In 2021, exports of ice cream from Russia increased by 50% compared to 2020.

According to Russian Foreign Trade Customs figures, in 2020 Russia exported 5.6 thousand tons of ice cream and juice ice, valued at 10. 10.4 million, an increase of 40% year on year.

Most of the ice cream and juice exported was earmarked for Kazakhstan.

In terms of revenue, shipments to Kazakhstan rose 22.6 percent to 7 3.7 million. The products were shipped mainly from Novosibirsk Oblast and Moscow.

Exports to the United States increased 9.6 times to 501.2 tons.