The United States Army has taken his dogs with him, but …

KABUL: The US troops have taken their dogs when they were leaving the Afghan capital, Kabul, but they have forgotten to help the Afghan citizens.

According to the details, such images have appeared on social networks in which it can be seen that the American soldiers return with their dogs on board the plane at the Kabul airport.

This scene has caused great pain to many Afghans, who helped them a lot during the presence of the coalition forces in Afghanistan, but when they left they took their dogs and forgot the assistants.

Seeing the dogs at the airport, the Afghan citizen kept saying for decades that the United States was taking its dogs but not us. We helped the US military but we were left destitute.

It should be noted that the Kabul airport is currently under the control of the US military. The head of the US Central Command met today with senior Taliban leaders, in which he demanded that he not interfere with the withdrawal of the Americans from Kabul.

Today, a very tragic incident of this type took place at the Kabul airport: when a US military plane began to take off from the airport, a large number of local Afghans lost their lives trying to board the plane.

Attempt to leave Afghanistan by hanging from a plane, Agra on civilian land (weak-hearted people do not watch the video)

On the one hand, five civilians were killed by the shooting of American troops, on the other hand, Afghan civilians, ignoring their lives, tried to board the plane that was circulating on the runway and hung on their wings and tires, which resulted in them flying through the air, three Afghan civilians fell from the top of the runway and died.

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