The “booze parties” of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as well as those of his team – understand well-fed evenings for “booze parties” – in Downing Street, make the headlines. british press for some time, among others, that of May 20, 2020 in full containment. And Boris Johnson had denied and apologized to MPs in the House of Commons.

However, it was his ex-adviser during his election campaign, Dominic Cummings, who denounced him on social networks, claiming that his ex-friend Boris had lied to elected officials, and therefore, to the nation. Suffice to say that the hatred between the two men only prospers, especially since Cummings never ceases to denounce the mistakes of the British Prime Minister. Only it was not just this May 2020 party, but many others since, in particular the one that took place on April 16, 2020, in the midst of national mourning, the day before Prince Philip’s funeral, revealed the Daily Telegraph, Thursday, January 13.

For the British Conservative Party, Johnson has become a disadvantage, but perhaps also an asset. However, the near future is quite heavy, the deadlines concern the announced tax increases, future records concerning inflation rates, regional elections where the conservative party should be in a bad position.

So, would it be wiser to let the prime minister get out of these last thankless tasks, and leave room for the successor, once “the plaster has dried”?

For now, no one knows, even if names are emerging. But the British Prime Minister cannot leave office so easily, even if everyone wants him to.

His deposition is possible, 54 deputies must send a letter to the chairman of the committee of conservative deputies, “1922 Committee“, stipulating that they no longer trust the Prime Minister, must follow a vote of confidence for or against the maintenance of the head of government.

For now, there are five people we are starting to talk about in the corridors of Westminster. First of all, the Minister of the Interior, Pritti Patel, of Indian origin, an inflexible minister inspired by Margaret Thatcher, especially concerning the question of immigration.

Then the Foreign Minister, Liz Truss from Leeds, northern England, loyal to Boris Johnson, who was at first anti-Brexit and now pro-Brexit, then the Minister of Finance, Chancellor of Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, also of Indian origin who made his fortune in the City, and married to a rich heiress. Note that these three supposed successors, two women and a man are not from the aristocracy and did not go through the “royal” way of Eton College.

Finally and for the moment, a last name circulates, that of the very discreet Minister of Commerce, Penny Mordaunt, of aristocratic descent, versed in the associative world. She is the only female reservist MP in the Royal Navy with the rank of Second Lieutenant (Ensign First Class). For the time being, bets have not yet been launched at British bookmakers.


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