The Unicaja gets rid of the Lavrio without problems

Unicaja got rid of Lavrio Megabolt, a tough Greek team where Tyson Carter stood out, with hardly any suffering. The people from Malaga were only behind on the scoreboard once (15-16 min. 7). Since then he has dominated with some inaccuracies, but with authority. Good game of Abromaitis, who scored 15 points and Brizuela, who is getting sensations after overcoming his injury. Malaga’s second victory in their group in the Basketball Champions League.

The Lavrio Megabolt is not the typical Greek team we are used to. Runner-up in your country’s League thanks, has a budget of 400,000 euros, unusual for the Hellenic custom in this sport and with a coach, Christos Selenis, who has been running for 16 uninterrupted years.

With some interesting players, Lavrio was able to neutralize a 13-4 to make it 15-16. Katsikaris stopped the game to remind the troops that their countrymen were not a band of colleagues. From 20-20 in the first quarter they reached 45-35 at halftime thanks to some good minutes from Tim Abromaitis, a player with glorious appearances and desperate dispersions. Eleven points for the North American. Lavrio was supported by the success of Tyson Carter, a player of great agility and quality. Nzosa, watched by the NBA scouting classics, tried to please. He defended more or less well although he only scored two points.

Unicaja did not end up breaking the game (61-53 min. 27 ‘) with Carter hitting the Tyson and never better dichor. He already accumulated 19 points for what Katsikaris put Jaime Fernández to try to dissolve so much art. The third quarter closed with 66-56.

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In the section of truth, Unicaja managed to get a 15-point lead (73-58 min. 33) with a triple from Barreiro and a wonderful penetration plus layup from Jaime Fernández, an expert in making great final minutes. The score was stretched to 74-68 18 an interesting distance. A more unsportsmanlike technique of Carter meant the exclusion of Lavrio’s best player. He left with 21 points and a PIR of 16.

Since then the game was a runner who alternated shots to the hoop with the odd basket and with relaxation in defense thatThe outcome was the comfortable victory from Malaga against a tough Lavrio.

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