Home Sports The unexpected renovation that is coming in the Juventus of Turin

The unexpected renovation that is coming in the Juventus of Turin

La inesperada renovación que se avecina en la Juventus de Turín

John Square He is one of the footballers who ends his contract with the Turin Juventus next June 30, thus being the 35-year-old Colombian footballer free to negotiate his departure at zero cost from January 1, with the Bianconeri team having a time trial ahead of them since the main idea of ​​the Vecchia Signoraby express order of the Italian technician Massimiliano Allegriis to try to guarantee the continuity of the versatile South American footballer.

Cuadrado has always been a footballer who has liked the different coaches who have been on the bench of the Turin Juventus in recent years, always having an important role as a starter or as a rotation player, being one of those footballers that every coach would like to have in his squad, hence the position of a Allegri that he would not want to part with the services of the coffee footballer, who this season has totaled 3,111 minutes spread over 45 games in which he has scored two goals and four assists.

maximum urgency

The intention of John Square It also happens to continue playing in the Juventus Stadium beyond June 30, this being therefore a negotiation that does not seem to be going to take too long, since both parties are determined to continue sharing the path in the coming years, and the renewal agreement can be made official in the next few weeks thus closing the Vecchia Signora the chapter of a soap opera that in the end everything indicates that it will end with a happy ending for both the interests of the bianconeri team and the Colombian footballer.

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