The Uncontroversial Evening of Love: A Review of Ibai’s Eventful Night

Biggest Event of the Year in Streaming: Year 4 Soiree Arrives on July 13th

The biggest event in the world of streaming, the Year 4 Soiree, is just over two weeks away, promising to bring the essence of previous editions with spectacular battles, stellar musical performances, and innovative formats. The event, organized by Ibai Llanos, will feature some of the most important fighters in the ring, including big content creators from the community.

Controversy is Key to the Evening of the Year

The most "old school" who witnessed the original Year’s Eve will remember the origin of the event, which arose from a "pique" between two streamers, Reven and Elmillor. From this, Ibai Llanos found more fighters to complete the poster, making the Evening of the Year a reality.

Controversy has been an element present in all editions of the Evening of the Year, both before and after the fighting. Some of the confrontations that went beyond sport include Ampeter vs Abraham Mateo, Marina Rivers vs Samy Rivers, and Reven vs ElMillor.

A "Decaffeinated Face to Face"

In a recent "face to face" between the fighters, the general feeling was one of love and respect. While there were some clashes, such as the 2vs2 female fight between Amablitz, Alana, Zeling, and Nissaxter, and the Shelao vs Viruzz fight, which ended with a push from the Chilean to the Spanish, the atmosphere was largely devoid of controversy.

As the big day approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating the weighing ceremony, which may bring some controversy and spectacle to the event.

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