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The uncertain future of Emmanuel Macron’s reforms, the right choices for your expatriation… The eco flash of the day

The question of the day : Will or will not pass, Emmanuel Macron’s reforms? Failing to obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly, the President of the Republic risks having to form alliances according to the reforms. If he wants to raise the retirement age, he can probably count on the support of the Republicans. The thaw in the officials index point will more likely appeal to Nupes members. Hours of negotiations in perspective which could well force the chief executive to review some of his ambitions.

Practical information of the day concerns candidates for expatriation. Because before packing your bags abroad, you must think carefully about your project. Starting with the choice of destination, some countries are much more favorable than others to try the adventure. Employment, right to unemployment, health insurance… many criteria must be taken into account. And to leave in the best conditions, remember to take a few essential steps. The advice of Jean-Pierre Pont, director of the Journal des Français abroad, can be found on our site.

Word of the day: managed management. Peak inflation, ultra-volatile stock markets… it’s hard not to be afraid for your savings as the holidays approach. The temptation is therefore strong to keep one’s eyes riveted on stock market prices to avoid losing big. And yet, you will inevitably have to disconnect to take advantage of your summer holidays. But don’t panic, managed management takes care of everything in your absence, reminds our columnist Albert d’Anthoüard, director of private clients at Nalo. Provided, of course, that you choose the right pilot…

The good plan of the day. If you are a civil servant and you are thinking of changing jobs, you are not without a solution. Just as for private sector employees, many professional retraining support schemes are provided for civil servants. Whether or not you already have a project in mind, you can benefit from a marked path allowing you to give new impetus to your career. All without paying a euro. To help you find your way around, Capital details all the solutions available to you. Follow the leader.

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