The UN crisis coordinator for Ukraine, Amin Awad, said on Sunday "deep dismay" for the Russian attack on a school used as a refuge in the Lugansk region, in the east of the country, and feared that there "dozens of dead". In a brief statement, Awad, who is also deputy secretary general of the organization, said that the attack on the Belogorovka school, which housed at least 90 citizens, is another "stark reminder of the cruelty of this war", and expressed solidarity with the victims and their families. According to the latest information, two deaths have been recorded and there are 60 missing. The school center collapsed after the attack and 30 people could be rescued, after which the regional governor of Lugansk, Serhiy Gaidai, maintained in a message through Telegram that the 60 people who are buried have probably died. Awad claimed that both civilians and civilian infrastructure must be preserved in times of war according to international humanitarian laws that "they are not negotiable"and claimed a "peaceful end" to the conflict as soon as possible for the good of the Ukrainian people and the rest of the world. The town of Belogorovka is located in one of the areas where heavy fighting is taking place between Ukrainian and Russian troops in the separatist region of Lugansk.


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