The UN denounces the barbarity of armed gangs in a Haitian neighborhood

At least 552 people were killed, injured or disappeared by armed gangs in the Brooklyn neighborhood of the Haitian capital, between July 8 and December 31, 2022, the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (Binuh) reported this Saturday. , acronym in French).

Among the 552 people there are 466 men, 50 women and 36 children, specified the international organization. Brooklyn is within the Cité Soleil sector, one of the largest, most populous and overcrowded areas of Port-au-Prince.

The information specified that of the total number of victims, 263 were killed, 285 injured and 4 disappeared, adding that dozens of women and girls were gang raped and several hundred people were displaced, some of whom saw their homes destroyed or looted.

"While in the first weeks of July there were intense attacks in the area by the G-9 Family armed group and allies, in the following weeks and months there was an almost permanent climate of terror due to the use of snipers that could kill indiscriminately to anyone passing through his field of vision"the UN report stated.

In a single day, July 8, 2022, gang members murdered 95 people, including six children, one of whom was two years old.


Other tactics used by the G-9 consist of restricting the movement of residents and blocking access to basic necessities, such as food and water, as well as sanitation services, such as garbage collection.

These tactics have further impoverished the local population and degraded an already extremely unsanitary sanitary environment, favoring the spread of infectious diseases.

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"Faced with this armed violence, the Haitian National Police (PNH) intervened in a limited way to restore public order and protect the inhabitants of the Cité Soleil neighborhoods."criticized the report.

Although the Judicial Police opened an investigation into the abuses committed against the population, in particular those related to sexual violence, the magistrates of the jurisdiction of Port-au-Prince, where Cité-Soleil is located, have not yet taken publication of the report no procedural measures to arrest and try the alleged perpetrators.


For more than six months, the inhabitants of various neighborhoods in the Cité Soleil commune (Port-au-Prince metropolitan area) have been victims of armed violence that has taken various forms: murders, injuries, disappearances, sexual violence, movement restrictions and destruction of property.

"Far from being random, this violence that involves two gang coalitions responds to political, economic and personal dynamics aimed at subduing the population and exercising territorial control over this commune"pointed out the Binuh.

The situation in Brooklyn mirrors that of hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti who reside in areas under the control of heavily armed gangs.

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