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The tycoon’s presidential race is complicated. Which states have to decide whether Trump is eligible?

 The tycoon's presidential race is complicated.  Which states have to decide whether Trump is eligible?

The Democrat Shenna Bellows She is the woman currently most hated by the former president’s supporters Donald Trump. Maine’s Secretary of State became famous for late that year This makes the former president’s race for the White House even more difficult.

She was responsible for giving the final legal blow as the Republican Party’s top candidate for the 2024 election by removing his name from the state’s primary ballot in accordance with the 14th Amendment, becoming the second state to take such an action .

According to Bellows, Trump peaked over several months and until January 6, 2021. “used a false narrative of voter fraud to incite him “We will urge our supporters to send them to the Capitol to prevent the certification of the 2020 election and the peaceful transfer of power,” he said.

He further wrote that he was “aware that no Secretary of State has ever denied access to a presidential candidate.” the ballot” based on the 14th Amendment. “However, I am also aware that there has been no presidential candidate had previously taken part in a riot“he added.

The campaign by Trump criticized the decision In a statement shortly after Thursday night’s verdict, he repeated familiar claims that the former president was being unfairly targeted.

“We are witnessing the attempted election theft and disenfranchisement of American voters in real time. Democrats in blue states are recklessly and unconstitutionally suspending the civil rights of American voters by attempting to summarily remove President Trump’s name from the ballot,” Trump’s campaign spokesman said Steven Cheung.

Maine and Colorado are now the first two states to bar the former president from their 2024 elections due to actions he took during and before the attacks on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. And they may not be the only ones. More than 10 states are considering the possibility that Trump He promised to fight until the end. Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, Wisconsin, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia and South Carolina still have cases pending.

Actually, On January 5, the Supreme Court must officially begin reviewing Colorado’s exclusion. Everything will happen in advance of the state’s Republican presidential primary, which will take place next March 5, during the so-called “Super Tuesday”a key date for 16 states to vote and determine the race.

The Republican primary begins January 15 next year The primaries in Iowa begin and Trump is the favorite to winAccording to all polls, he will run again against the current president, Democrat Joe Biden, in the November elections for the White House.

Most recently, this week, Michigan ruled in favor of Trump on this issueShe said she was “not convinced that the issues raised should be reviewed by this court.” Minnesota also decided to keep Trump on the ballot in a decision issued last month.

In case of California, which doesn’t carry much weight in the general election because it is known as Democratic, also surprised because the secretary of state refused to eliminate former President Trump despite calls from the state’s lieutenant governor to do so in the presidential primary.

The Democrat Shirley Weber has released the list of candidates who will run in California’s presidential primary on March 5, including former President and Sicher that “while we can agree that the attack on the Capitol and the former president’s involvement were abhorrent, there are complex legal questions surrounding this matter,” he wrote.

91 criminal charges

Donald Trump is ending a 2023 full of legal proceedings, many of which will be concluded in the middle of the 2024 election calendar. There will be primaries, conventions and campaign rallies that will take place while the tycoon flies by plane to Washington or New York, where he will summarize the other court cases for which he is at least accumulating, 91 criminal charges that threaten to separate him to repeat as President of the United States.

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