The Cadiz CF is fully immersed in the battle to avoid relegation positions to LaLiga Smartbank. However, whether or not they manage to save the category at the end of the season, two players could leave the entity. One of them is a real pillar for Sergio Gonzalez.

Cadiz CF

However, whether the players achieve the long-awaited goal of permanence or not, there are two players in the squad whose future may be far from the yellow team. One of them hasn’t been important in the team for a long time, although little by little he regains the coach’s trust. The other, despite starting the season as a substitute, has more than earned the starting job.

The two unexpected exits that Cádiz CF will suffer

-Alex Fernandez: It is true that the output of Alex Fernandez It would not be unexpected, since it has been speculated on for several months. However, the possible renewal of the Madrid player in the absence of offers was flying over the heads of Cadista fans. However, it seems that the footballer could have a pre-agreement with a LaLiga Smartbank club. However, in the last few games he is once again having minutes and importance and the board of directors of the Cadiz CF could rethink its renewal.


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