Anthony He has become a highly valued player in the transfer market and, despite the fact that the Man Utdwith Erik ten Hag at the helm, starts as the favorite to win his signing, the Liverpool Jurgen Klopp is also very interested in the Brazilian winger of the Ajaxwho has become one of the best in his position, as well as being quite young.

Manchester United starts as the favorite due to the presence of the Dutch coach, but Liverpool is a very tempting team, and the fact is that the British team could sign their most brilliant season if they finally manage to win the premier league, which will play against Manchester City, with a point above the Reds, so the responsibility will not only be for Liverpool but also for Manchester. In addition to that, Klopp’s men are in the Champions League final, in which they will face Real Madrid for the highest title in the world of football.

Antony debates, mainly, between Liverpool and Manchester United

It is for all the above that the Liverpool will be a worthy fighter with whom the Man Utd will have to fight if he wants to finally get hold of Anthony, and is that the 22-year-old player could be one of the great revelations of the coming years. The Brazilian is already a player of great quality, but his young age will allow him to continue to grow as a footballer and could become one of the biggest names in world football.

All these data make the end of the Ajax-Amsterdam in a succulent signing for which both British teams do not intend to give up. Antony is one of Ten Hag’s wishes and has already worked with him at Ajax, but the attractiveness of Liverpool and his power to win titles and reach important finals could end up convincing the Brazilian attacker to be one of Jurgen’s key pieces Klopp for the next few seasons.

Antony’s price, as confirmed ‘The Mirror’ It will be around between 45 and 55 million euros, as it will be what Ajax asks for his signing. Apparently, Liverpool has already started with the ‘approaches’ with respect to the Brazilian, despite the fact that it still has Salah and Mané, the latter seriously linked to Bayern Munich. Without a doubt, the bid is presumed exciting between Liverpool and United to win the pearl of Ajax.


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