The two clubs that take advantage of Coutinho

The FC Barcelona is very clear that one of the players who must leave the club in the next markets is Philippe Coutinho who is not performing at the level expected of him and is one of the highest earning players on the squad. His departure would allow the club to greatly alleviate the club’s salary mass and this could allow the Barça team to reinforce its squad by saving the salary limit set by the League.

According to the newspaper ACE, the Brazilian footballer has two major clubs interested in him and that would make him return to the Premier League, one of the conditions that the footballer put to leave the Camp Nou. The aforementioned media affirms that Newcastle United and Everton are pending of the situation of the Barcelona footballer since he is a very interesting player for their respective squads. The footballer needs to reactivate his career in a club that really bets on him on the field of play and these two clubs seem really willing to give him a leading role.

The ‘toffee’ option could get you in trouble

The FC Barcelona needs to get rid of Philippe Coutinho and he is clear that the money is in the Premier League so he welcomes the proposals of both clubs, the problem is that you have to convince the player. The Brazilian is a former Liverpool footballer and his move to Everton could make the Anfield fans take him against him because of the rivalry that exists between clubs, something he would not like at all, which would leave Newcastle United as their best option.

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