The true amount that PSG paid for Neymar

One of the things that we have read the most in recent transfer markets, are the countless offers of large quantities that the PSG, by any player you are interested in. At the time, it was the most active club when it became known that Neymar, At that time at Barça, he was looking to leave the Blaugrana club. In fact, he ended up staying with the Brazilian player. At that time there was talk of the most expensive signing in the world. An alleged price of 222 million euros.

The Spanish newspaper The world has published the true amount of what Paris Saint-Germain has had to spend in total for this signing. Between payment to the club, salary and others. The report indicates that the amount paid by PSG amounts to an incredible price of 489,228,117 million euros. Something absurd and exaggerated in any area. Something that really indicates what many have debated in recent years: Nasser Al-Khelaïfi and his PSG have inflated market prices to a level practically unattainable for any other club in the world. Beyond the existence of other teams with a lot of money, the arrival of state clubs to football such as Manchester City and PSG, have raised the prices of absolutely everything in the world of football.


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