The trophy that everyone wants

The fervor for the celebration of the upcoming winter baseball tournament experienced good growth last night when the president of the Baseball League and the Administrator of BanReservas formally presented the giant cup that will be in dispute in the championship that begins in just 13 days.

Vitelio Mejía and Samuel Pereyra unveiled in the midst of a good number of baseball and art personalities in the country the cup that from October 27 will have six suitors, but only one will be able to lift it when the curtain goes down for the final days of January.

As every year it will be a well-fought tournament in which the teams will strive to place their best available talent on the field, in an event that has the Cibaeñas Eagles as the reigning monarch that will seek to be the first team to repeat since the Chosen One was seized the championships in 2011-12 and 2012-13. The cibaeños do not exhibit two diadems in a row since 2006-07 and 2007-08.

“Once again we are committed to celebrating our great baseball championship, our great passion, which all Dominicans expect every year,” said Mejía, during the central remarks in which the great Cup was presented to be played in the presence of managers from each one of the Dominican ball teams.

Mejía Ortiz took advantage of the opportunity provided by the activity to highlight the human conditions that adorned the figure of Mr. Kalil Haché, to whom the contest will be dedicated and, at the same time, assured that the act also symbolized the ties of strength that have emerged from the alliance between the league and Banreservas.

“For the Board of Directors of LIDOM, this act has a double meaning: On the one hand, it is about the presentation of the new Banreservas Cup that starts with this tournament, which begins on October 27.

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Along with him, Pereyra, administrator of BanReservas, a bank that for the second campaign in a row will provide the main support to the pastime, stressed that baseball represents the activity, of any nature that identifies all Dominicans, which is present and fills the entire nation with joy and enthusiasm.

Reserves and Baseball, great relationship
“Baseball and BanReservas have a spontaneous relationship and are two indisputable exponents of our essence as a people,” said Pereyra during his remarks at the meeting held at the Hard Rock Café.

This year’s event will feature a large posthumous dedication to Kalil Haché, whose family members received a plaque of appreciation in his memory.

“Kalil accompanied his great kindness and camaraderie with being a faithful athlete, a man attached to baseball, from his team, the Stars, of which he was one of its directors,” Mejía said during his central remarks.

The event, which was led by the communicator Ana Rosina Troncoso, was also attended by the president of the Tigres, Ricardo Ravelo, and his treasurer, Miguel Ángel Fernández; the executive vice president of the Giants, Alfredo Aceval; the vice president of communications for the Stars, Pavel Aguiló, and the director of the Lions, José Miguel Bonetti.

Samil Rizek, in addition, the commissioners of National Baseball and the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean, Junior Noboa and Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, Juan Núñez, president of Fedobe, Erick Almonte, president of Fenapepro.

KNOW MORE Postumum
LIDOM continued with its style of giving participation to the dedication of the last championship, which was posthumously for José Manuel Fernández, a former president of the Tigres del Licey, whose relatives were confused with the family of Don Kalil Haché for the symbolic delivery of a baseball and a plate.

Marriage 7 years
Pereyra expressed that the marriage between BanReservas and Lidom is primarily for seven years.


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