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The treasures of Bernard Tapie put up for auction, the EU negotiations relating to the embargo on Russian oil which continue… The economic flash of the day

The number of the day : $26.4 billion. This is the turnover of Twitter that Elon Musk wants to reach in 2028, five times the current turnover of the social network, which was 5 billion dollars in 2021. The richest man in the planet would have commented on a precise financial plan and described a grandiose future for the platform, bought for 44 billion dollars, explains the New York Times. To do this, the whimsical billionaire intends to diversify Twitter’s current economic model, which is based almost exclusively on advertising revenue, by acting on two levers: developing the social network’s subscription offer, and setting up a payment activity. . More details in our article.

The rant of the day is that of the director of the CIA, Bill Burns, who declared that according to American information, Vladimir Putin was not preparing to use tactical nuclear weapons in the conflict which opposes him to Ukraine. For the official, there is no “concrete evidence that shows that Russia is preparing the deployment or even the potential use of tactical nuclear weapons”. Russia placed its deterrent forces, including nuclear weapons, on high alert shortly after the start of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Vladimir Putin also issued thinly veiled threats, suggesting that he was ready to deploy these tactical nuclear weapons, especially in the event of external intervention in the conflict. More details in our article.

European news concerns these negotiations currently underway within the European Union. The ambassadors of the Twenty-Seven in Brussels met yesterday, Sunday May 8, without reaching an agreement on the implementation of the sixth package of sanctions against Moscow, a package which had been presented Wednesday May 5 by the European Commission. This project provides for an embargo on Russian oil by the end of the year. And some countries are putting the brakes on to implement it, like Hungary. The discussions will therefore continue “at the start of the week” of the EU. “If it takes another day, it will take another day,” said Ursula von der Leyen. More details in our article.

And we end with these treasures of Bernard Tapie, auctioned next July. After the private hotel, rue des Saints-Pères in Paris, a villa in Saint-Tropez, and other property seized or transferred to pay off his debts, this is part of the interior of his hotel in Cavoye, where Bernard Tapie liked to receive so much, which will be resold. According to Le Journal du Dimanche, an auction will take place on July 6 at the Richelieu workshop in Paris. The death of Bernard Tapie, on October 3, 2021, did not, in fact, settle the debts of the businessman. His wife, Dominique, must now repay them. There would be 180 lots including a Regency living room, a period chandelier, paintings by masters, Louis XV period carpets, all sold at auction entitled “The Bernard Tapie Collection, a French passion”. These lots would be worth between 4 and 5 million euros.

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