Home Sports The Transcantábrica-Xacobeo Navega Regatta starts on August 2 in Getxo

The Transcantábrica-Xacobeo Navega Regatta starts on August 2 in Getxo

The Transcantábrica-Xacobeo Navega Regatta starts on August 2 in Getxo

The sail of the north unites to create a great regatta: the Transcantábrica-Xacobeo Navega. At the initiative of the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club of Getxo, which this year celebrates its 125th anniversary, as well as the Real Club Astur de Regatas de Gijón and the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, it makes its debut this year on the regatta calendar of heavy sailing the so-called Transcantábrica-Xacobeo Navega Regatta, an ambitious project that was launched in the 90s under the name of the Atlantic Cup-Getxo a Baiona Regatta, and of which three editions were held: two under the name of Chrysler Jeep Cup and the third as Regata España Verde Paradores. Despite its notable success, it passed away before the end of the last century.

Be on Wednesday, August 2 when, at 12:00 noonthe fleet, which is estimated to be around twenty ships, starting from the waters of the Biscayan Abra heading towards the Gijón Marina. The arrival in the Asturian city will take place throughout the following day, for the 4th to celebrate a Gijón-Gijón coastal regatta organized by the Real Club Astur de Regatas de Gijón. The third act of the Transcantábrica is scheduled for day 5: Gijón-La Coruña, with a length similar to that of the first stage: about 120 miles, with obstacles to take into account such as Cabo Peñas and Estaca de Bares.

After the arrival in the Herculean city, and the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña resting for a day, the organizational details are being finalized for what will be a new edition of the Finisterre Regatta, so that the Transcantábrica-Xacobeo Navega fleet reaches the Ría de Vigo prior to the start of the Rías Baixas Regatta, organized by the Real Club Náutico de Vigo. The layout of the general project respects in its essence the original of the 90s, which basically intends that the sail of the north and the northwest have a joint alternative to the great regattas of the Mediterranean and once consolidated try to incorporate the group into the regatta fleet from the south of France.

This idea had its foundation in the good relations between the most important yacht clubs from Bidasoa to Miño. The group was registered in the legal registers of associations such as ANCLA, a name created by the former Commodore of the Nautical Club of La Coruña, Ricardo Castro, as a synthesis of the Nautical Association of Clubs of the Atlantic.

The success of the event was never forgotten, and other options were tried. What the fleet asked for was to reach Galicia, as a connection between the Costa Vasca Regatta and the Galician classics. For this, there was full agreement between the clubs, to start a new stage of the ANCLA with a cruise regatta between the communities of Euskadi, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. The Basque sailor Tomás Alonso Allende is the president of the Organizing Committee; the commodore is that of the Nautical of La Coruña, Jorge Etcheverría Mazaira; the Regatta director is Eduardo García Santamarina from the Real Club Marítimo del Abra; the technical director the president of the Basque Federation Oriol Ruiz Cabestany; the coordinator of the regatta secretaries is Eva Díez from Gijón, from Astur de Regatas; and the general secretary, Manuel Pedro Seoane from Vigo.

In terms of support, the Transcantábrica receives the surname of Xacobeo Navega. Abanca gives its name to the Clubs Trophy and Auara, the solidarity, social and sustainable water of the Hijos de Rivera Corporation sponsors the +50 category, which brings together the most expert high-altitude sailors.

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