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The tragic end of the young man who harassed the woman, watch the video


In India, a widow and her family brutally beat a young man to death in public, the police registered a case of the incident.

According to Indian media, a heartbreaking murder of a young man has come to light in the Mancharial district of Telangana state. A young man named Mahesh, who harassed a widow in the name of love, was killed by the widow and her family members by crushing his head with stones. .

When Mahesh was being attacked by the widow and her family, the passers-by and the people of the surrounding areas were watching the spectacle, but no one came forward to stop them.

According to the report, 24-year-old Mahesh was in love with a girl from the same village a few years back, later the girl got married to another person and she started living in her in-laws village, much to Mahesh’s dismay.

After the marriage, Mahesh was harassing the said woman, Mahesh made some pictures and videos of this girl viral on social media, after seeing which the woman’s husband committed suicide a year ago feeling disrespected.

After the suicide of her husband, the woman came to her parents, after which Mahesh made it a daily routine to harass her, many times a complaint was lodged against Mahesh in the police station, but there was no change in his attitude.

Not tolerating these actions of Mahesh, the widow along with her family caught Mahesh on the road, first tortured him and later killed him by hitting him on the head with a heavy stone. The police have registered a case and started the investigation.

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